Doing business in Latvia

Today in Latvia there are 47.200 active enterprises, according to the data provided by the Register of Enterprises of Latvia. The Latvian economy recovers from the year 2008 economic crisis. On the 1st January year 2014 Latvia introduces Euro, which will be an extreme contribution to the development of business in Latvia.

The geographical position of Latvia is also very convenient for development of trade and transit between the EU and Russia. Three biggest ports of Latvia are located in Riga, Ventspils, and Liepaja. Free port of Ventspils is the busiest port in the Baltic States, but the Riga International Airport is the busiest airport in the Baltic States with 4.7 million passengers in year 2012.

It may be pretty hard to run your business in the beginning, since Latvian legislation provides many requirements and restrictions, which has to be followed. However, once the things are settled up and all the formal issues are solved – you may develop your business pretty quick.

In order to get some basic information on how to start your business in Latvia, you can read about the following topics:

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