List of provided business support services in Baltic States

- Company formation
We provide full range of services connected with company formation. Our lawyers can help you decide which type of legal entity suits your business the best! We prepare all the documents required for incorporation, we work with Register of Enterprises, we guide you all the way through the process of formation and even after. Our company provides services to the existing enterprises as well! In case an active company, wish to make changes in registration documents in the Register of Enterprises, changes in statutes, changes in the list of shareholders, change legal address, e.t.c. we will be there for you to help.

- Bank accounts
Necessary consultations about choosing local banks, opening bank accounts and other related issues.

- Shelf companies
We do offer ready-made companies, also known as Shelf Companies, for sale. Previously formed company, seasoned company or aged company describes Limited Liability Company or partnership that has had no activity, metaphorically put on the shelf to age or being like an empty shell. Usually ready-made company is VAT registered.

- Accounting services
Our accountants will help you manage your accountancy. We provide full support, including entering the source documents into accounting registers, calculation of salaries and preparation of payroll, calculation of taxes and interpretation of information about amount of taxes, e.t.c. Contracts and agreements will help you regulate the amount of information you provide, because we do respect privacy of our clients.

- Legal address
Company Formation Latvia offers legal address for each enterprise. It is the easiest way for the Latvian non-resident to set up company in Latvia. The offered legal address can be used by the enterprise in communication with public authorities and for purposes of advertising (on business cards and forms) and real activity. The legal address subscribers will receive bonus of post address service.

- Bank accounts
Different local banks offer different services and have different prices for their services. We can help you decide which bank is better to use for your business. Necessary consultations about choosing local banks, opening bank accounts, transactions and other related issues.

- Recruitment
If your company requires local personnel, we will provide recruitment services. We select the right people for executive positions, assess the potential of employees and candidates and assist organizations in personnel development. Our recruitment services may include search and selection, management development, assessment, tests, outplacement.

- Nominee director
While your company is not fully operational, we can provide the services of nominee directors, who will keep your enterprise operational. This may also be a good solution if you do not want (lack of free time) or cannot (lack of experience) manage work of your company.

- Immigration support
Visas, residence permits, work permits, blue cards and other immigration related issues. We will help you start your business in Latvia in no time. For a long period of time our lawyers have been working with The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, which gave them experience and knowledge on all the procedures, terms and other formalities.Click here to read more!

- Translation services
We will help you to communicate freely with your local partners and receive professional translation services. We can also translate all the documents, to make them understandable for you!

- Representation during negotiations
Our assistance and guidance will help you to avoid the language barrier at the meetings with your local partners or in state institutions.

- Partner reliability check
With our help you will explore how trusted your possible partner is. We can pursue evaluation of basic economic information of a company (date of registration, ownership, activities, major contractors, tax matters, e.t.c.), provide information regarding possible criminal component in activities of a company, as well as individual personality traits of certain persons.

- Assistance in obtaining the necessary certificates
We can help you finding the appropriate state institution to contact and also assist in submitting applications for certificates and permits. We also provide intellectual property protection services (registration of trademarks, patents, dealing with intellectual property protection organizations).

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